When The TRUTH Makes The Difference.

When the TRUTH makes the difference

Verify Residence is committed to helping your organization identify residency fraud

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Residency Fraud in your neighborhood

From falsified ballots to students enrolled in incorrect districts that takes resources from a limited school system - learn how residency fraud could be effecting you.

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Residence Verification Data

Residence Fraud has become an increasing problem throughout the country. People try to take advantage and circumvent residency requirements for schools, employment, and voter registration.

VerifyResidence.com specializes in providing our clients with access to the most comprehensive databases of the most current addresses for millions of people in the USA.



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August 25th Webinar

Verify Residence is hosting an introduction webinar on August 25th 2020 at 11:00 a.m. EST. The webinar will be approximately 30 minutes long.

Verify Residence will extend special service discounts to registered attendees as well as provide a one on one call to interest districts to discuss district specific needs. The webinar will be hosted by Verify Residence owner, Michael Auletta and will feature the original founder of Verify Residence, Jimmie Mesis.

Types of Residency Fraud

Student Fraud

Student Fraud

Some of the most common cases of residency fraud occur when a parent lies about their current address to have a student placed in a particular school district. The parent may even go as far as providing false or forged documentation to the district at the time of enrollment.

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Employee Fraud

Employee Fraud

There are many reasons that may encourage an employee to allege that their address matches the state for which they work in. In many cases, that reason is caused by families wanting to live together, caring for a family member in need, salary increases versus the cost of living, or new job opportunities.

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Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud

Intentional voter fraud is a real issue facing many entities responsible for conducting elections. This happens when an individual or group of individuals purposely supply false or misleading information in an effort to cast more than one ballot. This is seen often in high profile election years where political sentiments are heightened.

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Welfare Fraud

Welfare Fraud

Welfare residency fraud and different types of public assistance fraud cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Welfare residency fraud exists when an individual is claiming residency in one jurisdiction for the purposes of taking advantage of a particular program only available to residents in that particular jurisdiction.

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