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Welfare/Assistance Program Fraud

Welfare & Assitance Program Fraud: Costing Taxpayers Money

Welfare residency fraud and different types of public assistance fraud cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year. Additionally, there is an added cost to detect and investigate instances of fraud. Welfare residency fraud exists when an individual is claiming residency in one jurisdiction for the purposes of taking advantage of a particular program only available to residents in that particular jurisdiction. They may use a fictitious address or the address of a relative to claim residency. Certain states have particular “zones” set up where the residents are eligible for different types of public assistance programs. These “zones” are often economically depressed areas where residency is not desirable.

Welfare Fraud Papers

Verify Residence is able to utilize various data sources to check the current residency against the supplied residency of welfare recipients. Often times, there is an oversight or error that leads to the discrepancy which is easily corrected.

Welfare Fraud Money
Welfare Fraud Paper

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