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Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud: Falsifying Ballots

Voter residency fraud is a complicated and often confusing issue. This is because each state, county and municipality nationwide may have different laws and regulations regarding voter residency requirements. Oftentimes, the voter rolls are poorly maintained due to a lack of workers or time needed to keep the rolls up to date. This lack of maintenance can lead to various instances of voter registration fraud.

The instance of “dead voters” can occur when the death records recorded do not accurately match up to the voter rolls, they are checked against. Often these rolls are checked against each other manually which leaves the process open to clerical errors or underlying systemic fraud.


Intentional voter fraud is a real issue facing many entities responsible for conducting elections. This happens when an individual or group of individuals purposely supply false or misleading information in an effort to cast more than one ballot. This is seen often in high profile election years where political sentiments are heightened. There have been numerous instances of voter registration fraud that have been prosecuted successfully.

States, counties, and municipalities have a responsibility to verify that the elections they are holding are conduced in an honest and legal manner. Verify Residence is able to leverage the power of database access with a proven system to make the voter verification process much more efficient and streamlined.

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