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Employee Fraud

Employee Fraud: Hurting Businesses

Employee Residency Fraud can be defined as employees who falsify their current address as being in the same state of their employment. A current address being defined as a place where the individual practices daily living skills such as eating and sleeping, as well as retain their personal belongings. There are many reasons that may encourage an employee to allege that their address matches the state for which they work in. In many cases, that reason is caused by families wanting to live together, caring for a family member in need, salary increases versus the cost of living, or new job opportunities. 


New York First Responders

            According to the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), one of their requirements for employment is that the employee must live in one of the five boroughs, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx for a two year term. After two years the employee is allowed residency is one of the six New York State Counties. The reason behind this requirement is to ensure expeditious arrival to emergency situations. This Residency Requirement is also enforced through the New York Police Department and is applicable for caregivers and hospital workers as well. 

            The Fraternal Order of Police considers “…availability for emergency calls, employees having a stake in the community, enhancing the tax base, improving community attitudes and cooperation, increasing loyalty to the community, and reducing absenteeism,” (Nash, B., Residency Requirements) as appropriate reasons to support a residency requirement for First Responders. 

            Holding the position of a First Responder means you will be available at any given time. The impact First Responders have on a community is limitless. Their abilities to save lives, avoid dangerous situations, protect the public, and maintain civility are the backbone of what our country stands for. If our First Responders lived out of state, their response time to emergency situations would be devastating. The benefits of a shorter response time are immeasurable. 

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